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Our ensemble is open, without audition, to ringers who are fluent in AGEHR Coppers level music (level 3-4).

Our goal is to teach and to work together to perfect skills. While we recognize that ringers may come with a variety of skills (fluent–or not–in four-in-hand, weaving, working with large bass bells), all who are open to learning new skills and willing to commit to outside practice are welcome.

Ringers should complete the form “Assessment of Ringing Skills” Membership form Assessment of Ringing Skills.

This personal assessment is meant to offer the artistic director some sense of your skills at the moment rather than to present you with a daunting task.

Pacific Ringers’ members pay dues of $125 per year including music.

Pacific Ringers chooses from an eclectic mix of music included to provide opportunities to hone skills at specific techniques.

Parking and Rehearsal Space
Moreland Presbyterian Church is located at 1814 SE Bybee Ave in Sellwood 2 blocks north of SE Milwaukie (Bus 19).

PARKING is available on the street along intersecting streets, particularly SE 17th.

ENTER from the parking lot at the back of the church. We rehearse in the Fireside Room (most nights). As you face SE Bybee from the back of the church, you can see us setting up through the windows above the ramp. Enter through the door at the top of the ramp, on your right. Perplexed? Knock on the window and one of use will come get you!