Kelly Griffith grew up playing handbells in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  After moving to Portland, she was delighted to find a community choir where she can learn more about handbells, techniques, and the unique people who call handbells their passion. Joining Pacific Ringers this season, Kelli is challenging herself with new ringing positions from the large low bass bells to the tenacious tiny trebles.

Betty Harter joined Pacific Ringers in January 2013.  She is relatively new to handbells, although she has been around music all her life.  In addition to handbells, Betty sings, plays saxophone, piano and recorder.  She is currently learning how to play the ukulele.

Kate Coates started playing handbells when she was 10 years old to learn a musical instrument (and to get out of singing in the youth choir). She has been playing bells off and on for the past 20 years. She joined PR in 2016 to make herself stretch a bit in music and to make new music friends and to keep handbells in her life.

Melinda L. Chandos serves as honorary member for the end of this season, filling in after a member accepted an out-of-state career.  She is a third-year ringer with the First Unitarian Church groups and can often be spotted trekking around town with her musical near-5-year-old daughter.  Though encouraged to try all the bells, she is firmly fond of the B4/C5 position (middle C) “because it’s always in the middle of the action.”

Marisa Johnson Since being a music therapist and piano teacher by day wasn’t enough music, Marisa decided to join pacific ringers in 2016. She has played in many different handbell choirs starting at age 10 in 3 different states. When Marisa isn’t musicking, she is often found quilting, embroidering, or in the woods basking in Oregon’s beauty.